Advanced Trainer Starter Pack #2

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Brad is an economical CPR manikin constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam for the most realistic “human” feel.

Package Includes Features:

  • 2x CPR Brad Manikin
  • 1x CPR Kyle Child Manikin
  • 1x CPR Kim Newborn Manikin 
  • 2x APL Healthcare Manikin face shields 50pk (APL TFS)
  • 1x AED Trainer with Adult & Child Pads (XFT 120C+)
  • 1x Key ring Face Shield (APL FS)
  • 1x CPR Super Pocket Mask (RMLWC02)
  • 1x Bonus APL Healthcare Manikin Face Shields 50pk (APL TFS)
  • 50x Triangular Bandages (APLTRI)
  • 50x Roller Bandages (APLCCB)

3 Year Warranty