Ambu Baby

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The Ambu Baby corresponds to a real baby up to one year old. The lifelike anatomy enables a realistic determination of the correct hand placement for performing chest compressions. The baby manikin allows an optimal training of BLS algorithm, as the students can look, listen and feel the ventilation.

Ambu Hygienic System
The unique hygienic system provides a safe way of training by eliminating the risk of cross contamination. It is easy and low in maintenance and enables a realistic ventilation resistance.

Realistic Ventilation
The airways open only with correct head position and the chest will start rising visibly when air is blown into the manikin – also stomach ventilation can be seen. The baby manikin provides a realistic ventilation resistance and expiration through mouth and nose. Additionally, the instructor can simulate airway obstruction by an on/off slider.

Key Features

    • Lifelike anatomy of a baby

    • Ambu Hygienic System for mouth-to-mouth ventilation

    • Airways open only with correct head position
      - the sniffing position

    • Possibility of airway obstruction

    • Palpable brachial pulse

    • Head can be tilted to the side and backwards

    • Transport bag


1x Ambu Baby, 5x face pieces, 100x head bags, pants and transport bag