Be Prepared Defibrillator Package | Philips HS1 AED

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Prepare yourself and your team for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency.

This package is designed with a focus on organisational health and wellbeing.

Protect your employees from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, while empowering them to learn the heart health risk factors and manage their own health effectively. 

Featuring the Philips HS1 semi-automatic defibrillator unit and a vast package of added extras including the alarmed wall cabinet, signage and our heart-health self management learner guides.

With our lifetime compliance support, we ensure your unit is always ready in an emergency and you're kept you up to date with your consumable replacement deadlines.


Package Includes:

    • Philips HS1 Semi-Automatic defibrillator
    • 8 Years warranty
    • Lifetime compliance support*
    • Provide CPR - Digital Training Course (View on-demand)**
    • Adult AED pad set
    • Alarmed AED wall cabinet
    • AED Prep kit - shears, shaver, gloves & CPR mask
    • AED Location signage
    • CPR Rapid Action Plan poster w/ QR codes to instructional video
    • Defibrillation & CPR Learner guide - by John Haines
    • Heart-Health self-management book - by John Haines
    • First Aid Fast pocket guide w/ QR code instructional videos for over 20 first aid injuries



*Compliance support conditions apply.  Updates/notifications are provided based on the email address attached to the sale.  Should this email account change or become unreachable it is the customer's responsibility to advise APL to update their records.  We will do our best to locate a suitable contact should an email bounce, however this is not always possible.

** Unaccredited training