D-Heart | Smartphone ECG Device

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Have you ever had an episode of tachycardia or arrhythmia? Would you like to reliably monitor your heart health? D-Heart is the first smartphone-based electrocardiograph easy to use but as reliable as one in the hospital. Perform a perfect ECG with D-Heart on your smartphone and share it with your trusted cardiologist or a telecardiology service for a report.

D-Heart Features:

    • Portable
    • Designed for all users, no medical background needed
    • As clinically reliable as a hospital electrocardiograph
    • Certified system to get a perfect ECG



D-Heart is a smartphone ECG that enables the acquisition of a correct ECG anywhere and anytime.

The multiple lead ECG is the simplest exam to check your heart status.

You can perform an ECG in four easy steps with the help of your smartphone camera: you just need to imitate your image for the perfect multiple lead ECG.

D-Heart is as reliable as the ECG exams performed at the hospital but designed to be used by patients at their home.



D-Heart is an 8-lead smartphone ECG that enables the acquisition of high quality 12 seconds ECGs in any place and in any condition.

The smartphone camera algorithm is able to display the patient’s own chest with the accurate electrodes placement with a median error of 0.5 cm per electrode.

D-Heart is as reliable as the standard ambulatory ECG exams performed at the hospital but designed to be used by patient at their home.

Once acquired, a 24/7 telecardiology service would provide an innovative triage report of the exam specifically designed for cardiac patients