Fantasic First Aid Video (USB)

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July 2018

Replaces The First Aid Fundamental Series DVD Box Set

A complete series of instructional first aid DVD videos on USB. Over 50 basic first aid topics are covered.

Topics are sorted into volumes, making it a perfect educational resource.
Produced for Australian conditions and competencies.


Volume 1:  Emergency Action Plan, CPR & AED

Volume 2: 
Drowning, Heart Attack, Fainting & Asthma Attack

Volume 3: Choking, Frostbite, Smoke Inhalation, Eye Injuries, Hypothermia & Stroke

Volume 4: 
Anaphylaxis, Spider Bites, Drug Overdose, Jellyfish Stings & Snake Bites

Volume 5:  Bandages/Slings, First Aid Kits, Manual Handling & Safety

Volume 6: 
Abdominal Wounds, Bleeding Ear, Amputation, Gunshot Wound, Severe Bleeding & Nose Bleed

Volume 7: Burns, Electric Shock, Infection Control & Soft Tissue Injury

Volume 8: 
Dislocation, Head Wound, Spinal Injury, Fractured Ribs, Open Fracture, Closed Fracture & Tooth Dislodged

Volume 9: Diabetes, Heat Stroke, Seizures, Sun Burn, Heat Exhaustion & Response to a Terrorist Attack