Newborn Bathing and Nursery Care Model: Male

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A life-size manikin of a 0-4 week old newborn infant with the weight and balance of a newborn, as well as palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. Ideal for practice in bathing, umbilical cord care, ear and nose care, holding and neck support, bottle feeding, changing diapers, dressing, enema, physical measurement, and more.


    • Lifelike, life-size newborn
    • Neck of manikin is not rigid, simulating newborns before they have the ability to hold up their head
    • Anterior and posterior fontanels are palpable
    • Limbs can bend and stretch, allowing for realistic practice of baby care procedures
    • Waterproof model has seamless, one-piece construction that prevents water from seeping inside
    • Removable umbilical cord
    • Model is 50cm long and weighs 3kg

Includes newborn manikin, umbilical cord, feeding bottle, baby clothes, and cloth cover.