Oxygen Powered Suction Unit

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The OXI-vac is a device designed as a suction system for the removal and collection of secretions from a patient.

The OXI-vac is powered by a vacuum, which is created by the Venturi principal: a vacuum is created by a high gas (oxygen) flow through a narrow jet.

Includes a polycarbonate 250mL reservoir bottle marked at 200mL. The narrow neck reduces the likelihood of spillage when removing a used bottle.  A spare suction bottle with blue cap is included for rapid changeover.

To remove used bottle, hold the OXI-vac vertically and carefully unscrew. Screw on the blue cap from the stand-by bottle and set aside.  Screw the new bottle in place and secure.



Single reservoir and cap:

Diameter: 70mm

Height: 130mm

Weight: 0.1 Kg

(Not including hoses or spare bottle)

Complete suction system:

Diameter: 200mm*

Height: 130mm*

Weight: 0.4 Kg

*Approximate only as this depends on storage arrangement of components



Displaces 250mls of water within 4 seconds.

Reservoir capacity 250mls.

Static vacuum:

-40 kPa in one second,

-60 kPa within four seconds.