Practi Multi Pack | 4x Adults + 2x Infants

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Practi-Multi Pack
4x Practi-Man Advance + 2x Practi-Baby in one convenient roller bag!

Practi-Man Advance
can be used as an Adult or Child Manikin with inbuilt chest clicker. Adult, Child & Neutral positions.

Realistic head tilt & chest rise, nose pinch.

Light weight & portable. Can be used with any AED Trainer.


Practi-Baby is a lifelike infant manikin for performing correct infant CPR.

Perform Realistic Breathing
Excellent performance during practice with paediatric resuscitator. 

Realistic Head Tilt
The realistic head tilt enables students to learn correct breathing technique.

Audible Feedback
Practi-Baby features a clicker which can be enabled or disabled.

Guedel Airway
To practice with a Guedel airway, remove the valve and replace the skin.  Then measure and insert the airway.


Pack Includes:

4x Practi-Man Advance Adult/Child CPR Manikins
2x Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikins
20x Adult/Child lungs & 8 valves
4x Face Adult/Child face skins
4x Baby face skins
8x Baby airways & 4x valves
Practi-Man head locking clips set
User Manuals
Roller Carry bag

Two (2) Year Warranty