SynDaver Cricothyrotomy Trainer

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Realistic medical training platform.

    • Designed for learning the skills associated with surgical and needle cricothyrotomy
    • Allows students to practice and repeat technique on a high quality, live-tissue replacement platform
    • Anatomical landmarks include chin, clavicle, hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage and cricoid membrane
    • Employs simplified versions of the patented SynTissue brand synthetic human skin, fat, muscle, and fascia tissues
    • Relevant skills include surgical and needle cricothyrotomy, palpation, cannulation, application and removal of sutures and staples, surgical cutdown, and application of adhesives and bandages

    • Trainer includes plastic base, muscular form, trachea with hyoid and cricoid, skin overlay and three replacement tissue sets (skin and cricoid membrane)